California Federal Court Enters Preliminary Injunction Banning Further Sales of SV-Lan and New Link Products

On April 25, 2011 the Honorable Thomas J. Whelan of the Southern District of California issued a Preliminary Injunction Order banning further distribution of devices marketed as the “SV-Lan” and “New Link” pending final resolution of DISH Network and NagraStar’s litigation against ProSonicview and its owner Christopher Whitcomb.  Whitcomb was a former employee of Sonicview USA, Inc. which has also been sued by DISH Network.  In that case, Judge  M. James Lorenz, also in the Southern District of California, entered a similar injunction order on March 29, 2010 enjoining sales of the Sonicview iHub, 8PSK TFEC boards and related software.  The iHub was the predecessor product for both the SV-Lan and New Link, and all three devices as determined by the Courts were designed and distributed to work with Sonicview-branded receivers to engage in piracy of DISH Network programming.