Dish Network, EchoStar, NagraStar, and Bell ExpressVu obtained permanent injunctions against Andrew Genovese a.k.a. “ANDREWY3K” a.k.a. “N3XTGEN” a.k.a. “GGENOV0571″ of Ontario, Canada, who operated the piracy forum web site FTABins.  The permanent injunctions were part of a settlement of claims that the companies asserted against Genovese in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The permanent injunctions prevent Genovese from operating the FTABins web site or any other piracy web site, and otherwise participating in, or aiding and abetting others engaged in, piracy activities. For several years, the FTABins web site was a popular piracy forum web site.  The settlement represents another major victory in the companies’ continuing efforts to combat piracy.