On February 14, 2012 the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida (Tampa Division) entered final judgment in NagraStar/DISH Network’s case against I.E. Entertainment, Inc. and www.abadss.com.  NagraStar sued Defendants in February 2011 for the operation of the abadss site in violation of the DMCA and other federal statutes.  The final judgment includes acknowledgements that the software distributed on abadss.com “were primarily designed, marketed and used to facilitate piracy of DISH Network programming” and awards DISH Network and NagraStar $8,993,600.00 in statutory damages under their DMCA claim.  The judgment also permanently enjoins Defendants from engaging in similar conduct going forward.  In a separate settlement agreement reached between the parties, I.E. Entertainment forfeited the abadss.com website to NagraStar, which now resolves to satscams.com.