On September 17, 2012 the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California ruled in favor of DISH Network, EchoStar Technologies and NagraStar in their long-running battle against Prosonicview owner Christopher Whitcomb.  DISH Network filed suit against  Whitcomb and his Prosonicview business in February 2011 alleging multiple violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), Federal Communications Act, and the Electronics Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”).   On July 19, 2011 the District Court entered final judgment against Whitcomb, ordered him to pay DISH Network and NagraStar $14.4 million dollars in statutory damages, and issued a permanent injunction against him.  In October 2011 the District Court entered an order finding Whitcomb in contempt of the injunction and cautioned him that any further violations would result in his imprisonment.  In an effort to avoid the monetary judgment against him, Whitcomb filed bankruptcy under Chapter 7 in January 2012.  DISH Network opposed the discharge of the $14.4 million judgment against Whitcomb and on September 17 the Bankruptcy Court ruled in favor of DISH Network, holding the entirety of the judgment non-dischargeable pursuant to sections 523(a)(4) and (a)(6) of Title 11 of the United States Code.  DISH Network is pleased with the Court’s ruling and will aggressively pursue execution of the judgment against Whitcomb and any business entities in which he has an interest.