On July 26, 2013 the United States District Court for the Southern District of California granted DISH Network, NagraStar and EchoStar Technologies’ (collectively “DISH Network”) Motion for Summary Judgment against Vicxon Corporation and its CEO Soo Jong Yeo.  Vicxon Corp. is a Korean-based satellite receiver and dongle manufacturer that shipped various products into the United States for domestic distribution.  DISH Network filed suit against Vixcon Corp. and Yeo on January 3, 2012.  After prevailing on various motions to dismiss filed by Defendants, DISH Network moved for summary judgment on its DMCA claims.  The Court found the receivers and dongles manufactured by Vicxon to violate the DMCA insofar as they included various hardware and software components designed primarily to  facilitate circumvention.  The Court granted DISH Network’s motion, entered final judgment in their favor, awarded$27,758,200.00 in statutory damages and issued a permanent injunction against future violations.  The Court further ordered Defendants to destroy all remaining product inventory and held that Vixcon’s CEO was also individually liable for the judgment amount.  DISH Network and NagraStar continue to investigate and take action against those responsible for trying to circumvent the companies’ security system in order to gain unauthorized access to DISH Network programming.