NagraStar LLC, together with Nagravision S.A., DISH Network LLC, EchoStar Satellite LLC and EchoStar Technologies LLC, today announced that they have settled their legal claims against Dean Love a.k.a. wEeDeR.  Love was active on piracy forum web sites and engaged in efforts to hack DISH and Nagra access cards to circumvent their conditional access systems.  Love has posted the following apology on multiple piracy forums:

I attempted to hack and reverse-engineer DISH Network Access Cards and Nagra Access Cards, and circumvent EchoStar‘s and NagraStar‘s conditional access security system.

I was sued for my wrongful activities and paid a heavy price.  I urge anyone who reads this to not attempt to hack or reverse-engineer DISH Network‘s, EchoStar‘s, NagraStar‘s or Nagravision’s property and to respect their rights.  They will find you.

The settlement of the case against Love is another significant victory in the companies’ efforts to combat signal theft.