The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently granted NagraStar LLC, EchoStar Technologies LLC, and DISH Network L.L.C. judgments against Binh Dao, Kim Dao, and Keith Ashley, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The judgments were granted in a civil action following the execution of a civil seizure order against the premises of Emeryville Electronics/Belle River Satellite and the residential premises of Binh Dao and Kim Dao in December 2014.

The judgments granted the companies permanent injunctions, punitive damages, and legal and investigative costs against the Daos and Ashley. They also granted the companies leave to pursue general damages in the future. The judgment against Binh Dao required him to pay $281,394.67 to the companies within 30 days.

The companies claimed that Binh Dao, Kim Dao and Keith Ashley were dealers in illegally-modified satellite equipment and subscriptions to internet key sharing (IKS) servers that provided their customers with decryption keys used to steal the US-based satellite television programming services offered by DISH Network. The civil seizure resulted in the seizure of numerous unlawful DISH Network receivers, piracy equipment and devices, computers and records identifying customers of these defendants, their suppliers, and the operators of the IKS servers that they supported.

These judgments are another success in the companies’ continuing efforts against satellite television piracy throughout North America.