arrested DADE CITY, FL — Detectives escorted the owner of Dade City’s Tropical Breeze Restaurant outside and executed the arrest warrant.
Investigators say they built their case against Eddie Reyes on Wanda Reed’s story.
“You could get all the stations you want,” said Reeds.
Reyes’ other business, Dreamlinc, put out a flyer which guaranteed Reed and others satellite TV for life.
“Eight hundred stations one price for the whole time,” said Reed. “You never have to pay no more.”
Reed gave Dreamlinc $2,500, her savings, for a converter box and a satellite dish.
“It worked for a couple of weeks then went out again,” she recalled.

Detectives explain the box crashed whenever a satellite sent out electronic bullets that scramble the signals of unauthorized users.
“He had one of the workers come out and put a USB inside the box,” said Reed.
Investigators say those repairs involved illegal software that descrambles signals. Still the Reeds claim the service never worked for long. Reed contacted me and I turned her information over to Pasco Sheriff’s Detective Sergio Soto.
“We were able to see the violations that Eddie had done with this company, telling all these customers that it is absolutely legal to obtain satellite signals for free,” said Soto.
As the police were arresting Mr. Reyes, I was able to ask him several questions: “You know you are accused of selling illegal satellite services to people who could least afford it?”
“Yeah I heard that,” Reyes responded.
“What services did Dreamlinc provide?” I asked.
“Free to air service,” he answered.
“Did you realize that Pay Perview, Showtime, HBO is not included, that is illegal?”
“Well you get whatever channels you get,” he said.
“So you are saying investigators are wrong?”
“Yes, 100 percent,” he said.
Investigators believe this arrest could be just the tip of a major operation. They have uncovered evidence that Reyes obtained software that descrambles signals from an out of state source and then forwarded those files onto others.
“There are probably more people involved higher than him across the United States,” said Detective Soto.
Reyes faces two counts of unauthorized reception of communication services.

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