MY apology to Dish, and last post..
For the most part I remained silent while the cases against me were pending. DISH got their judgment.
On Friday the criminal court decided I should spend 30 days in jail followed by months of house arrest. At this point there is no reason not to tell my story. I’m not here to whine about how satellite piracy and DISH ruined my life. It is not my intent to scare people, or preach that piracy is wrong. We all read TheBroken’s post and have seen plenty of that recently. I’m here to take responsibility for what I did and set the record straight.
DISH approached me before I was ever sued. I reported to my probation officer in March 2008 and DISH and two of its lawyers were sitting there in a room waiting for me. DISH knew who I was and wanted my cooperation. Wanted me to become one of their rats. I agreed but DISH must have found out from one of those rats that it was a lie. DISH did not give me a second chance. At the end of the month a process server rolled up with DISH’s lawsuit in hand.
Everyone told me to stay quiet and that it was going to work out. Yeah right. DISH knew WAY too much. DISH had all my posts, chat logs, recordings of my phone calls, even my trash. It became painfully clear that those who I thought were my friends were actually against me, or at least out to save their own ass. DISH didn’t come down and raid my house because it didn’t need to. DISH had been watching all along. Linking me to “thedssguy” “veracity” “tdg” and the posting of the Viewsat bins was easy. For those who think I went too far by posting the files or had a big mouth and that is what got me in trouble, think again. End user IKS suits are already underway. DISH can get to any one of you at any time. Do not believe for a minute that people on these forums will band together and protect each other, protect you, when DISH comes asking questions because they won’t.
Most of you will say I can only blame myself, and you would be right. It is because of my choices that I am on the hook to DISH for 51 million bucks. It was also my decision to join Jung and TheBroken in attempting to crack N3 which resulted in my felony conviction and sentence. The judgment and criminal conviction will keep me and my family from living a normal life. Money I got from Jung to post the bins and boost Viewsat sales didn’t mean a thing. DISH has taken it all and will collect every dollar I ever make, that is assuming a released felon can even find work. But DISH and NagraStar were the real victims and to them I apologize because what I did was wrong. DISH allowed me to make this last post so I am certain they are reading it right now.
I know it was said before, but this time I am truly retired.
Veracity, aka TheDssGuy;
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