EchoStar and NagraStar, together with Bell ExpressVu, recently executed Anton Piller (civil seizure) orders against Steven Rodgers a.k.a. Tomico-ind, of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, as well as against his parents Ross and Palma Rodgers, at their business and residence.

In 2007-2008, Rodgers served four months in prison for contempt of a previous Anton Piller order.  The recent orders resulted in the seizure of several computers and electronic media used by Rodgers. Following the execution of the recent orders, Ross and Palma Rodgers were arrested and held in custody for failing to appear at a contempt motion brought against them.

The companies also launched new contempt proceedings against Rodgers, who they allege has continued to engage in piracy activities contrary to various injunctions and judgments against him.

The companies say that Rodgers has continued to operate numerous piracy-related web sites and hide behind numerous online identities including The Warden, PIMPINnagravision, ThEmAdHaTtEr, Vic Damone, Retired fellow,, dano, IwuzB4Him and Dish-outlaws.  The evidence is set out in detail in one of the affidavits filed in the case [click here].

The companies also obtained orders lifting the stay of proceedings against Rodgers triggered by his bankruptcy, thereby sending a signal to Rodgers and the piracy community that bankruptcy does not prevent the prosecution of piracy-related claims.