In March 2010, DISH Network, NagraStar and Bell TV obtained and executed civil search orders and interim injunctions against the principal players behind KBox-brand FTA receivers including (1) Joshua Kim a.k.a. Kortronix Inc., the originator of the KBox, (2) Nhan Tran d.b.a. Transat Electronics and, the exclusive distributor of the KBox in Canada, and (3) Hisham Omran and Fona Dish Networking, a KBox dealer, all of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The lawsuit also named Van Tran of Transat Electronics Brampton, another KBox dealer.  The execution of the orders resulted in the seizure and shutdown of all KBox Internet Key Sharing servers intended for illegal use of KBox-brand FTA receivers.  The orders also resulted in seizure of numerous KBox FTA receivers and KHub “dongles”, and the shutdown of the piracy web sites and  Following the execution of the orders, several defendants entered into settlement agreements with the Plaintiffs that included cooperation and permanent injunctions preventing them from dealing in any way in FTA receivers in the future.  This is another major victory to prevent satellite television piracy in North America.