On May 12, 2009, DISH Network and NagraStar filed suit against Khachik (“Chris”) Bagdasaryan in connection with his posting of circumvention software on various websites using the alias “Blacklist”.  On June 1, 2010,   DISH Network and NagraStar filed a motion for summary judgment against Bagdasaryan for his illegal-related activities seeking a permanent injunction and $151,767,600.00 in statutory damages.  In response, Bagdasaryan filed for bankruptcy in an effort to seek refuge from the pending claims against him.  On September 23, 2010, the Bankruptcy Court rejected Bagdasaryan’s efforts, and entered an Order on October 14, 2010, lifting the stay temporarily imposed by the Bankruptcy filing.   As a result, the civil suit against Bagdasaryan will be re-instated so that DISH Network and NagraStar can proceed to judgment.  This sends a strong message to other potential defendants who believe they can seek refuge from theft and fraud related claims by filing for bankruptcy in hopes of getting judgments against them discharged.