Federal Court enters default against Nfusion Private Server end-user Aaron Keown, awards $10,000 in statutory penalties and issues a permanent injunction


On May 8, 2013 the United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana granted DISH Network and NagraStar’s motion for default against Aaron Keown.  Keown was sued by DISH Network and NagraStar for federal claims arising out of his subscription to the Nfusion Private Server (“NFPS”) services through Thomas Dixon (aka Wufman). The Court’s order includes a permanent injunction against Keown as well as an award of $10,000 in statutory damages (the maximum damages per violation) under the Electronics Communication Privacy Act (“ECPA”). DISH Network and NagraStar continue to investigate and take action against those responsible for trying to circumvent the companies’ security system in order to gain unauthorized access to DISH Network programming.

Dkt. 14 – Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction (Aaron Keown)

Alianza destroys thousands of FTA piracy devices in Uruguay

Over 10’000 “Probox” FTA piracy devices have been destroyed in Uruguay on February 28, as a result of a legal procedure initiated in 2010 for signal theft and copyright infringement, which resulted in the seizure of the FTA devices and a destruction order issued by the Court in December 2012. 

While destructions of similar FTA piracy devices took place in the recent years, this is the most massive destruction of such devices that took place in Latam.

The Alianza contra Piratería de Televisión Paga (the “Alianza”) is a group of content providers, pay-tv broadcasters and technology providers aiming at combatting FTA (Free to Air) piracy throughout Latin America (see www.alianza.tv).


Michigan Federal Court enters final judgment and permanent injunction against Robert Bebout and his website www.newgeniks.info

On January 10, 2013 the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan granted DISH Network and NagraStar’s motion for final judgment against Robert Bebout individually and d/b/a www.newgeniks.info.  Defendants were sued by DISH Network and NagraStar for federal claims arising out of their operation of the Newgeniks website, which took over after NagraStar shut down its predecessor site www.nexiks.com.  The Court’s order includes a permanent injunction against Defendants as well as an award of $25,000.00 in statutory damages under the Federal Communications Act (“FCA”), including an award of enhanced statutory damages for Defendants commercial gain.  The Court further ordered Defendant to preserve its business and customer records and any further operation of websites that market, promote, distribute piracy-related technology.  DISH Network and NagraStar continue to investigate and take action against those responsible for trying to circumvent the companies’ security system or trafficking in products or technology  that facilitates unauthorized access to DISH Network programming.


RCMP charge Kanata man with selling pirated satellite receivers

OTTAWA — The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have charged a Kanata man in connection with selling pirated satellite receivers.

Members of the RCMP’s A Division Federal Investigations Unit and inspectors from Industry Canada executed a search warrant at a Colonnade Road business on Dec. 20, according to a release.

The search resulted in the seizure of satellite receivers and computers allegedly used to modify legal satellite receivers so they could obtain encrypted signals from Bell Express Vu and Dish Network.

Laith Murtadha Kadhim was arrested during the search. Described as an employee of the business, Kadhim faces two charges under the Radiocommunications Act for decoding an encrypted subscription programming signal or an encrypted network feed without authorization and retransmitting it to the public. He also faces one criminal charge for selling a device to obtain telecommunication facility or service.

Kadhim is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 30.

More to come.

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Civil Search Order Executed Against Dean Love a.k.a. wEeDeR

In November 2012, NagraStar LLC, together with Nagravision S.A., DISH Network LLC, EchoStar Satellite LLC and EchoStar Technologies LLC, commenced a legal action against Dean Love of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Love was active on piracy forum web sites under the moniker “wEeDeR”. An injunction was obtained and a civil search order was executed against Love and his premises. The execution of the order resulted in the seizure of technology and substantial evidence and information concerning the unlawful activities of Love and others. The action was another victory in NagraStar‘s continuing efforts to prevent satellite television piracy throughout North America.