Florida – Federal Court Enters Injunction against www.abadss.com

NagraStar, DISH Network and EchoStar Technologies filed suit against IE Entertainment, Inc., abadss.com, Eric Johnson and Ian Jones on February 15, 2011.  Today, April 12, 2011, the Honorable James S. Moody Jr. for the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida entered a preliminary injunction against IE Entertainment, Inc. and Eric Johnson enjoining them from, among other things, the operation of www.abadss.com in any manner that facilitates the piracy of DISH Network programming.  The Court’s Order further requires Defendants to send all software files uploaded by members or guests to a moderation queue for review prior to release on the site.  More importantly, the Order also requires Defendants to preserve all evidence related to such files including the persons posting them, for later use in the underlying litigation.  Pursuant to the Court’s Order, Defendants are now cooperating with NagraStar in the collection of evidence related to the software files made available on abadss.com and a banner reflecting that arrangement is now prominently displayed on the home page and all sub domains of the site.

NagraStar/DISH continue to prosecute individuals supporting programming theft

On April 5, 2011 the Honorable Judge Neil V. Wake for the United States District Court in Arizona entered final judgment against Maurizio Nowlin in a case brought by NagraStar, DISH Network and EchoStar Technologies (“DISH Network”).  Nowlin was sued for his role in providing equipment to facilitate theft of DISH Network programming.  The judgment awards $17,798,400.00 in statutory damages to DISH Network and includes a permanent injunction prohibiting Nowlin from engaging in similar conduct in the future.  Under the terms of the Court’s judgment, Nowlin will be liable for an additional $110,000.00 in damages for each act of DISH Network piracy going forward.  NagraStar continues to investigate and take legal action against individuals involved in all levels of piracy support from the product manufacturers to down-stream end users.

NagraStar and DISH Network continue to shut down pirate Web sites

On March 21 Judge William J. Martinez and the Federal District Court of Colorado entered final judgment against Jason and Lou Caraballo and their company Meridian Satellite Systems, LLC.  NagraStar and DISH filed suit against the Caraballo’s and Meridian Satellite on January 7, 2011 in an effort to shut down the websites www.meridiansatellitetv.com and www.meridiansatellitetv.blogspot.com as well as seeking statutory damages and injunctive relief.  The complaint alleged violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other federal statutes in connection with the Defendants offering piracy products and services through their online sites.  The Court’s Judgment ordered Defendants to shut down the sites, awarded damages in the amount of $775,000.00 and entered a permanent injunction against the Caraballos prohibiting them from any future involvement in theft of programming from DISH.

Florida – Federal Court Orders Transfer of Ilinkforum.com to NagraStar

On February 22, 2011, the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida granted a preliminary injunction against Richard Schwartz (d/b/a ilinkforum.com) and ordered that the domain ilinkforum.com be transferred to NagraStar.  Schwartz was sued by NagraStar and DISH Network on February 3, 2011 for his role in distributing piracy software files and programs through ilinkforum.com and freefta.tv that assisted others in the unauthorized access of DISH Network programming.

California Federal Court Enters Summary Judgment against SatFTA

On March 9, 2011, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California granted NagraStars motion for summary judgment against Sergio Alexeyev (aka SatFTA) and awarded statutory damages in the amount of $2,250,600.00 as well as granting permanent injunctive relief.Alexeyev was sued by NagraStar and DISH Network in 2008 for his role in developing and distributing software files and programs that assisted others in the unauthorized receipt of DISH Networks programming.  The Court awarded damages based on each download of Alexeyevs programs as well as for various modified equipment that were confiscated from the Defendant by law enforcement.

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