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NagraStar offers rewards to encourage people to volunteer information about the physical location of an Internet Key Sharing ("IKS") server used for NagraStar pay-tv piracy. For submitting a genuine piracy lead to NagraStar's anti-piracy team, you could qualify to earn up to $50,000 U.S.D.("Reward Payment")

To accept NagraStar's reward offer and become eligible for a possible reward, you must apply online to be included in the NagraStar's Anti-piracy Reward Program at the time you make your report, and you must agree to all of these Terms and Conditions as written.

All of the criteria listed below are material to formation of an agreement and must be met in order to qualify for the cash reward.

1. You ("Reporting Person") must submit the report through the web Reward form found at

2. The report must be submitted to NagraStar after October 1st, 2011. The previous reward program of $25,000 ended September 30th, 2011.

3. The report submitted must be a genuine piracy lead ("Piracy Lead" defined as follows) identifying the physical location of an Internet Key Sharing ("IKS") server used for pay-tv piracy involving a NagraStar conditional access system and must contain specific, verifiable data demonstrating that piracy is actually taking place. For example, and not by way of limitation, a Piracy Lead that simply states, "XYZ Company in Chicago is operating an IKS server" will not be regarded as a genuine piracy lead and, therefore, will not be considered for a Reward Payment. A valid report must contain the following information: (a) company or person's name, (b) contact name, (c) address, (d) telephone number, (e) specific information about the IKS server location, (f) design, (g) setup and products supported by the IKS server, and (h) any other supporting documentation available, by way of example and not by way of limitation, photographs.

4. The Piracy Lead must be unique. Being "unique" shall mean that, NagraStar, or one of its affiliates, is not already aware of the location of the IKS server or would not have known about its location but-for the report submitted.

5. The Reporting Person must also (a) provide his or her name, address, and preferred method of contact, and (b) be responsive to follow up inquiries from NagraStar regarding the Piracy Lead provided. Efforts will be pursued by NagraStar to keep information provided by Reporting Person confidential and will not be disclosed to third-parties unless otherwise required to by law.

6. If the Piracy Lead is verified by NagraStar and results in the seizure of the IKS server by NagraStar or law enforcement, the Reporting Person will receive up to $50,000. The determination of whether a lead is a genuine Piracy Lead as defined herein and whether Reporting Person meets all material terms and preconditions will be at NagraStar's sole discretion.

7. If the location of the IKS server has been verified by NagraStar as a direct result of the Piracy Lead and the IKS server is seized by NagraStar or law enforcement, the $50,000 reward will be paid to Reporting Person within six (6) weeks of the date that NagraStar seizes the IKS server. The amount will be paid by NagraStar or an applicable affiliate directly to the Reporting Person at the address provided by Reporting Person as referenced above.

8. It is in NagraStar's sole and unfettered discretion of when, how, and whether to pursue any Piracy Lead. Should NagraStar decide to pursue a Piracy Lead, it will not discuss its efforts in pursuit of such lead with the Reporting Person.

9. Prior to making any Reward Payment, if within the U.S.A. NagraStar will require a completed IRS form W-9 which provides Reporting Person's Social Security Number for tax purposes only which will not be disclosed except as required by law. If outside of the U.S.A., the payment is subject to tax withholdings, if any, in accordance to U.S. law.

10. Neither Reporting Person, nor any family member or relative of Reporting Person have been employed by NagraStar, its affiliates or clients within the two-year (2) period before the Piracy Lead was provided by the Reporting Person.

11. Reporting Person who is the owner of the IKS server is ineligible for any reward.

12. The laws of Texas shall apply to the terms and conditions of the NagraStar Anti-Piracy Reward Program and Reporting Person agrees that any disputes arising from or relating to this program shall be litigated in the courts in Harris County, Texas applying Texas law.

13. The reward program will last from October 1st, 2011 through the end of December 31st, 2018 and is subject to change at NagraStar’s sole discretion. However, changes to this reward program as applied to Reporting Persons who provide Piracy Lead(s) that meet the criteria herein will be applied prospectively.

For questions relating to the terms and conditions of this reward program, please send an email to [email protected]

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